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SYNAPS TECHNOLOGIES is a mixture of Best Proffesionals which lets us to creat absolutely EVERYTHING you could ever IMAGINE..

Web Applications

E commerce websites , Corporate websites ,

Web & Graphic designing

Website design, Banner design, 2D/3D animation,

Search Engine Optimization

Sitemap Generators, Link building

Mobile Applications

SMS applications, Mobile websites

Web hosting

Domain name registration, Linux hosting

Internet Marketing

social media marketing, Online Marketing

Our Recent Works

We are working on all CMS like magento wordpress opencart drupal Joomla and php or sql database


Mugpub developed by Synaps Technologies


Clear Billing

Clear Billing developed by Synaps Technologies


Dallas Street Dental

Dallas Street developed by Synaps Technologies


Carolina Girl Furniture!

Carolina Girl Furniture! developed by Synaps Technologies



Signshopper developed by Synaps Technologies


Preemie Parents

Preemie Parent developed by Synaps Technologies


Wrist Watch World

Wrist Watch World developed by Synaps Technologies



W2O developed by Synaps Technologies


Our Skills

Synaps Technologies is situated in India since 2006. It is very much known for their skills like Web Designing, Web Development, SEO, SMO etc. All the mentioned services are take place in our company in order to fulfill their needs in an affordable cost.

Graphic Design






Wordpress Magento


Why People like us?

We always focus on the requirements of the user in an affordable price providing all kinds of features. We focus on the quality of the website because we never want to make unsatisfied to our clients. We also provide free of cost maintenance for one year.

We always develop professional, delightful, and satisfied websites according to the choice of our customers’. There is hardly any website which provides all these features in a reasonable price. We have excellent team of web designers and web developers.
In this era of inflation every person wants to get best in low cost. If they all are getting all desirable features here so they need not to go anywhere. Our customers are boon for us. It is our responsibility to take care of their needs and always supply desirable result to them.
Our highly experienced team compromise with the quality of the software. We have a huge team of highly educated and multi- talented team of coders and designers in order to satisfy our customers. We give our customers full liberty to express themselves. There satisfaction is our priority.

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WordPress website design and development for business and individuals.


Magento's greatest strengths is its capabilities for scaling to support multi-store .

Shoping Cart

Synaps Technology can design the best shoping cart ever. We provides best Shoping Cart.

Core PHP

Synaps Technology Works in Core PHP. We can code in Core PHP.

Web Designing

We can make Mobile apps ANd web application. website design is best work


Joomla website design and web development company with highly experienced developers.

Javascript / AJAX

Javascript is a scripting language developed by netscape to enable web authors to design interactive siets.

Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a way of programming for the Web that gets rid of the hourglass. Data, content, and design are merged together into a seamless whole.


PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML.

PHP can be deployed on most web servers and as a standalone interpreter, on almost every operating system and platform free of charge and PHP is released under the PHP licence.PHP's support for Apache and MySQL further increases its popularity.


MySQL is a database system used on the web. Basically, a MySQL database allows you to create a relational database structure on a web-server somewhere in order to store data or automate procedures.

MySQL is what holds all of your tables, PHP acts as your queries (among other things), and your forms are basically web pages with fields in them. MySQL is also open source in that it's free and falls under the GNU General Public License (GPL)

Layout Designing

Tableless web design (or tableless web layout) is a web design philosophy eschewing the use of HTML tables for page layout control purposes.[1] Instead of HTML tables, style sheet languages such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to arrange elements and text on a web page.

Layout instructions are transferred into site-wide CSS stylesheets, which can be downloaded once and cached for reuse while each visitor navigates the site.


XHTML (eXtensible HyperText Markup Language) is a family of XML mark up languages that mirror or extend versions of the widely-used Hypertext mark up language in which web pages are written.

CSS was first developed in 1997, as a way for Web developers to define the look and feel of their Web pages. It was intended to allow developers to separate content from design so that HTML could perform more of the function that it was originally based on - the markup of content, without worry about the design and layout.


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"Huge fan. I've used many apps before but Sprout has some of the best reporting for teams using social media i have found." Design Created By Synaps Technology.

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